How You Can Create and Run Better Meetings with BoardDocs

Meetings with BoardDocs

Today’s boards need modern technology to help them operate in a more organized and efficient manner. The business world has long since begun the transition to the digital space, which means the requirements for running it have undergone modernization. Software applications such as board portals allow you to organize and manage meetings faster and better, and several important documents such as agendas and minutes. In this article, we will learn how BoardDocs can improve the board meeting process.

What is BoardDocs?

If you are a public school or community college board chair, then BoardDocs may be your perfect choice in terms of a tool to improve the meeting organization and process. The software is great at efficiently developing and implementing board plans and policies, offering easy access to necessary information, efficient online voting, and more. In addition, with BoardDocs, you can create electronic agendas and easily view supporting information to better prepare for the meeting. Provided you are an authorized user, of course. The solution also offers video and audio conferencing, which adds to its flexibility because we still live in the covid era. After all, events don’t rule out other occurrences that could affect the physical presence of board members in the workplace.

What can you expect from using BoardDocs?

The BoardDocs board portal offers many benefits that affect factors such as:

  • Easy to use -Government employees are not as familiar with technology as, say, directors of private companies, so they are looking for a simple tool that they don’t have to adapt to for a long time. BoardDocs is just what you need in this case since its interface is user-friendly and, therefore, can be used on an intuitive level
  • Training – if this is the first time you’ve decided to move your board of directors into the digital space, or if you just transitioned to BoardDocs from another platform, it doesn’t matter. The program will give you effective training and other things you need to optimize in the space
  • Transparency – the administrator, can have complete control over the environment, so you can easily understand exactly how directors interact with content
  • Security – BoardDocs provides a strong level of security, including password protection, encryption, and detailed permission features to ensure proper confidentiality of documents

Main benefits of BordDocs

All of the above benefits can be accessed through certain space features. So, BoardDocs offers useful features such as:

  • MetaSearch – get quick access to the documents you need from the program’s comprehensive database, and include the file in your management processes and plans. All you have to do is enter one or more keywords
  • Agenda Setup – Now it’s easy to organize your agenda. You can ensure that each user gets only the current version of this document. Other users can even edit and add new items to the agenda. The administrator can keep track of all annotations and notes made. In addition, the program provides drag-and-drop and automatic numbering of the agenda
  • Library -space allows you to store unlimited files in your area, of any type and size. You can also create categories of private and public library documents
  • Approval trees – this feature means that all documents that are going to be added to the draft agenda are first thoroughly checked
  • Automatic data encryption – Encryption protects data from leakage, which is especially important when working with confidential board documents. Documents are encrypted both at rest and during the exchange.

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